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Recently Purchased

On this page, you can view properties that we have recently helped our clients  purchase in and around The Hague. As well as being rental agents, PR Housing also specialises in property purchases in The Hague and the surrounding areas. Through our large network of home owners, we always know of houses that are available for purchase, and if you are looking to sell your property, we may already have an interested candidate waiting.

Our local expertise means we know exactly what the property market in the area has to offer. We have affiliates who can help you with all aspects of property purchase, and we will be able to give you advice on locations, prices, transport and all the other issues that may be part of your search for a property.

Safe Investment

Many of our international clients are looking to buy properties, either for their personnel or as an investment. If you are looking for a “buy to rent” property , or an investment, please do not hesitate to contact us as we will be delighted to assist you.  


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