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PR Housing is a real estate agency that specialises in housing expatriates in The Hague. We can understand the difficulties that come with starting a new position in a new city and finding a place to stay, therefore we strive to do our best to help you find the best available property, either short or long term leases, in a neighbourhood that suits. We have an extensive portfolio of apartments and houses that can meet your needs and other requirements such as preferred locations to e.g. international organisations, schools and public transport amongst others.

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We organise efficiently planned tours around your agenda. These tours can start from your office, hotel or any other preferred location where we can meet you or pick you up. These tours will be held on work days during our office hours. The tour consists of being shown around the properties we have carefully selected to ensure they meet your wishes. We aim to give you the feel for the property by giving a leisurely walk-through, you will also have the chance to view the properties multiples times to be able to confirm your initial investigations.

Our dedicated team always aims to offer you the most comprehensive housing solutions with all services, i.e. obtaining parking permits, arranging utilities subscriptions and TV/internet connections. We can also advise in maintaining the upkeep of the property, such as gardening and meter readings.

Ready to look for your perfect home? We would be pleased to provide you with additional information on renting with us and are more than happy to assist you in your search for suitable housing.

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